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The girls are next…

Posted on Aug 11, 2014 by in Blog

And here are the next three girls. As I draw these children I have started to think about and refine the direction of this project, and I would like to share this with all of you. The reason why I started drawing these children was in hopes of inspiring others to follow their passions when choosing their careers, which is why some of these careers are more unconventional than those we normally see in singapore. I remember my uncle telling me in the car that I should settle for a stable job, and that passion was secondary. It got me to thinking, why can’t we have both? Passion, and a zest for life, and be able to make a living. It is my hope that as more of us start to embrace what we love, instead of settling for something or diminishing ourselves in favour of survival, we will be happier people. And this is possible people, we just have to go after what we want:)

More about how I select these careers. Firstly, they have to be a little unconventional, and be based on a passion or love of something. And secondly, if the career is typically gender specific, i will switch genders. Ive had super positive remarks on how much people loved the gender-switched careers like The Counselor(boy) and The Builder(girl). It shows to me that anyone, so long as they have a love of their work should be encouraged to go after the jobs they want.

If you have a request for particular careers you would like please leave comments on this page!

Cheers everyone, and have a great week ahead!

The Troubadour The Farmhand

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  1. Yay! my request has been completed!

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